The Arduino Christmas Tree

One of the coolest things about the Arduino is just how flexible it is.

What’s even cooler is the ability to connect your Christmas tree lights to it and have an interactive light show!

Over the course of an afternoon, I wired up some WS2811 LEDs to my Arduino Uno and used the FastLED Library to create some different light animations on my tree!

This, of course, was only a test run for next year – where I will be going all-in and creating a full-blown interactive light and music show (where I’m not confined to the small space in which I currently reside).

Expect more Arduino projects as the year goes on – I’ve become a huge fan of this platform ever since working on the Stranger Things Wall project!

UPDATE: Turns out that I won my neighborhood Christmas lighting contest! Next year, I hope to go bigger since my goal is to be in an actual house and not this apartment.