In mid-2016, as part of a quarterly magazine the agency I worked put out, we did a spec campaign for a third-party candidate. We chose Gary Johnson because he was the candidate that we felt would have benefitted the most from having a campaign redesign.

A couple months after we released that, one of my coworkers happened to notice that the campaign had started using the color scheme on their twitter account. Ok, it could be totally coincidental. Then I quickly pointed out that not only that, they had redesigned their entire website to match the style that we had established.

We realized it was an opportunity to open a dialogue with their campaign, so we got together and brainstormed some ideas.

We pitched the idea of doing some sort of response, and being the digital director, I thought a website would be a great way for us to quickly get the message out. I suggested we create a “toolkit” for them to use, and lay it out like a style guide. In less than 24 hours, we had the entire site built.


And then we waited.


And waited.


And waited.


I decided, “Hey – I’m going to put this on reddit and see what happens.”


Less than 4 hours later, I get a message from Gary Johnson’s campaign manager who I then put in touch with our PR person.


It blows up.


We got an article in AdAge and then We won a HOW International Design Award.


I was always up for doing the rogue, disruptive type work – and this was about as successful as I’ve ever been in executing that.


You can check out the project here: