Texas Children's People


Of all the sites I’ve done, I think this is the one I’m the proudest of. And that’s saying a lot.


TCH came to me with a problem – they were having difficulty recruiting people with their antiquated career system. They were heavily relying on third-party websites for job listings and they were using an outdated internal system to manage their job openings and applications.


The solution was to create an online job site like no other – while the functionality of a traditional career site was front and foremost, we expanded it by making it educational, creating content focused around the different departments within the hospital, and focusing on what truly made working there great – the people.


This was an extreme programming challenge because there was a ton of work on the backend. I had to take a legacy system and create middleware in order to transfer and update information within a new career management system. That piece then communicated out to iCIMS, a career portal, which in turn would return a job feed to the website.


I had to build out an API to communicate with their service, because none existed at the time of development. I was able to retrieve job listings and worked closely with both the hospital and iCIMS to create the job system.


Not only that – but the site looks fantastic! The idea was to target mobile users, so the site was built with a mobile-first approach. In my research, I found that most people search for jobs between 7am-9am on Saturdays, so we made sure that the listings were frequently updated.


The project was a huge success and was built to be expandable by their team, even after my involvement had ended. They continue to build and grow the site to this day, all based on the foundation I laid forth for them.



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