Volkswagen Website

These are some examples of the work I did when working with CP+B / Compuware on the website back in the day. At the time, the site was a weird hybrid of Flash and HTML and I worked on the team that was responsible for site maintenance and building new pages within the website.


In my time here, I directly worked on some 40+ projects, including the “Fast”, “Max”, and “Routan Boom” campaigns. I was also tasked with rebuilding the used car search functionality on the site that was completely rebuilt from the ground up and also built a crazy GPS interface where you could download points of interest from the website and transfer them to your car via USB (this sounds so dated now, but it was big tech in 2009!). I was also involved with the development of the car builder feature on the site and overall development of the “widget” menu that became the focal point of the website. Overall, I don’t think there was a single feature or page of that website that I didn’t have some part in during that time.


Although I was only on this project for a year – I think I did some of the most exciting work and really pushed the boundaries of what we could do in Flash at the time.